Water to my soul


Oh my goodness guys, after battling whether to write this post in first or third person (because I write a lot of the posts) I finally decided to be vulnerable and write to you guys directly.

Okay, first thing’s first. My name is Saria Dorsey, and I am the Creative Director with JMK.
I have been blessed with the opportunity of planning the fashion shows, social media, and taking fun pictures of the gorgeous models.

(understatement of the century)


Now here’s where things get a little awkward for me, but uhmm… I have something to tell you guys… I may have kept a secret from you all, but uh..
(takes a deep breath)

Sometimes I pretend I am Beyonce’ or Katy Perry when I am cleaning my kitchen… in heels.
I honestly just love the emotion behind music and the energy from an audience. Sometimes I want to plan a concert, and then my insecurities get the best of me, I get nervous, and keep on with the routines of life.


With the help and support of friends, I am making baby steps towards pursuing my music.
I believe that talents are meant to be shared with people, whether you’re the best singer in the world making millions, or just prefer it as a hobby,
Talents are gifts, and gifts… well they are gifts, and they have one purpose.


So for all those who’d like a good song to sing in the shower
check out this single I am on
w/ MR. HANZO titled // Water to my Soul
I had the opportunity to collaborate with Alexander Catedral + David Wade, two of my talented friends that worked hard to release this album and it is AMAZING.
Check it out.(:


I’d love to know your thoughts.
Did it make you dance? Do you feel like you should go downtown, have some fun, like the night is all your own… ← that will make more sense once you listen (:

IMG_0230PS. This Chambray top Is one of our spring arrivals.
Isn’t it adorable?!

Listen to it in the spotify player above, and if you really like it you can buy it on iTunes by clicking on the link below:
Water to my soul


I truly appreciate everyone’s support.

Be  sure to come out  to Sweet Jeanie’s this Saturday for “Wake Your Neighbors”
I will be performing with MR. HANZO along with many other talented musicians, like JMK Model Hannah List!
Support local music, it’s worth it.



I hope to see you there, I’d love the support!!!

With love, smiles, and silliness,
Your Creative Director,
Saria Dorsey ♥

M & B

M is for Mackenzie 
Meet Mackenzie: A Bostonian bred princess who made Grove City her new home for the past 3 years. Her passion for teaching and children has led her to pursue an Elementary and Special Education degree which has given her the opportunity to invest herself in the surrounding schools. Outside of the classroom, M is effortlessly darling–classic chic with a touch of prep.


M1Mackenzie looks absolutely stunning in JMK’s classic blue chambray button up paired with our edgy leather leggings. The classic prep necklace adds a touch of elegance to the outfit–perfect for a more sophisticated look.




B is for Brianna

B6Meet Brianna: Her hair may not be full of secrets, but her mind is filled with wit, creativity and a whole lot of spunk. A closet book worm and lover of words, B is heavily involved in collegiate writing. Although she loves a good read, her adventurous spirit takes her on wild adventurers in the great outdoors.



B3With her luscious, dark chocolate locks, Brianna is looking effortless in her JMK fringe sweater and printed leggings. Her glistening headbands adds the perfect amount of Boho to her look.


B5M & B





Be Mine DIY!

Needing to make that last minute valentine, for that special someone? We found the perfect Valentine DIY that is not only extremely adorable, but extremely easy to make! For those of you who haven’t met this beaut, meet Justine! She’s assisted us in various DIY projects and is one talented soul. First things first, You will need the following: *scissors *tape (or hot glue) *black cardstock *patterned cardstock *a hole punch (we used an earring) *some sort of twine *paint, or a glitter pen *mini clothes pins (optional) Now grab your coffee or tea and lets get to crafting! Start off by taking a square piece of card-stock and folding it in half. We used black card-stock because we wanted the color of  the hearts to pop against the black! IMG_0059 Here’s where you can be creative! Pick out some cool patterned card-stock of your choice. Justine laid them out to help her visualize what it would look like once they were against the black. IMG_0067IMG_0071 Next, you will need to cut out the hearts. NO TEMPLATES NECESSARY (: Simply fold your paper in half and cut a semi circle into the fold. IMG_0092 Check out her cute tunic + scarf. Both are new arrivals in the boutique (; IMG_0075 IMG_0078 Here in this next step we had to improvise (tehe), but you could use a thumbtack or hole punch of some sort, instead we used an earring  (haha… you’ve got to make the best of what you have)! Take whatever you’re using and poke a little hole into both top corners of the hearts. IMG_0107 Once you’ve done that, take your twine and spread it across the card to measure it. IMG_0099 IMG_0105 Now here you may need a thumb tack or needle to give you more control. Take the twine and poke it through each heart like so. IMG_0098 Take the ends of the twine and tape or hot glue them to the inside of your card & let love do the rest as you write your message with your paint or glitter pen inside the card!IMG_0127 IMG_0136

Now add your personal touch! For us it was mini clothes pins to hang the hearts with, for you it could be glitter, sequins, or cute little doodles. and DRUM ROLL PLEASE….

TA DA!!!

IMG_0139IMG_0144 You now have your valentine for that special someone!


 Photography: Saria Dorsey

Mix JMK//01





IMG_9488Check out what we are listening to…

1. Preach//The Front Bottoms
2. Apartment//Modern Baseball
3. Iscariot//Walk the Moon
4. Knee Socks//Arctic Monkey
5. Da Vinci//Weezer
6. Water Fountain//tUnE yArDs
7. Pretty in Pink//The Psychedelic
8. Coffee//Sylvan Esso
9. Nobody Love//Tori Kelly
10. Lemonade//Jeremy Passion
11. Reach//Kye Kye
12. Tokyo//The Wombats

Inhale, Exhale


“ Do things that feed your soul, not your ego and you will be happy.”












Favorite Pose // Why?:
Because I am a runner any pose that helps stretch and open my legs, as well as aid in my flexibility and focus is super beneficial. Some specific ones are….
– Downward Dog Split
– Pigeon Pose
– Warrior Variations (I, II, III) –These poses are great for a deep strength in my legs

Poses that help with focus and concentration:
 – Tree Pose
– Easy Pose
– Eagle Pose

I am also a fan of inversions which help reverse blood flow // improve circulation in the body, and increase immunity // prevent illness, not mention that awesome feeling you get once you find yourself hanging upside down, seeing life in a different perspective.
– Plow
– Crow Pose
– Shoulder Stand
– Forearm Stand (working on perfecting this one)

It’s hard to pick just one!

Favorite Part About Yoga?:

Yoga has always provided an escape for me. Whether it was a way to stay active while not worrying about the rivalry a competitive sport may bring or a way I can slip away from my busy routine, sit quietly on my mat and focus on what truly matters. God has blessed me with a wonderful life and admits the chaos I sometimes forget that.

When Did You Start Yoga?:

I got into yoga when I was a sophomore in high school. As I mentioned earlier, I am a runner and at the time was a three sport athlete. Yoga was a way I could incorporate being active in a new light. Without the competition, hard pounding of running, or other demands team sports brought. I have loved growing in the practice ever since.

How Has it Helped You?:

Yoga has helped me in many areas, especially physically and mentally. The beauty of yoga is that you can incorporate it into so many aspects of life. For me physically, I have found it to strengthen my knees through the alignment work in the poses I do, as well as helped me develop a deep and calming breath which I rely on in stressful times and when I run. Mentally, I notice myself focusing on my own life. Not worrying about the person on the mat next to me, how they are doing in their practice or what their opinions are. Instead, I focus on how I can better myself. Although I am still working on it, mediation is great time to quiet my heart and reflect on the days blessings. I personally use this time to thank God for His mercies and continual love.

– If you are not the most motivated person when it comes to exercise, grab a friend to join in on the work out with you. It helps with accountability and can make the workout more enjoyable.

Set a designated time for when you plan on exercising. If you put in down on paper, you are more likely to do it.

Try new activities! There is so many different ways to be active. Yoga isn’t for everybody, running isn’t for everybody, lifting isn’t for everybody, but in order to find what works for you, you must be willing to try out different exercises. See if your local gym offers any special classes such as Pilates, Zumba, or Spinning. Call up a group of friends to play some pick-up games like basketball, soccer, or football, look to join in on 5k’s or marathon, hike a mountain, swim a river. If you’re willing, the options are endless.

Kara Heckman//Grove City College Student

Giving Winter the Cold Shoulder

Living in Western PA has its ups and downs. After a week or so of snowfall, ice, and feeling lucky if it’s above 30 degrees, you start to grow weary of nights indoors. Don’t get us wrong, we love our hot cups of coffee, but know that we feel your pain when you want to break out the shorts, crops, and sandals.


IMG_9915Whats our advice for braving  the winter?

IMG_9905Show winter who’s boss. Wander, explore, and adventure, even when you don’t have the energy to.BE CREATIVE. We often times sell ourselves short after getting so used to the day to day that we miss the little things or forget that we are capable of so much more  than what we give ourselves credit for. Try going out into that open field you drive by every day and admire the beauty you miss out on. Pack up the car and visit an old friend, or how about that instrument you forgot you loved playing so much.

IMG_9898Give winter the “cold shoulder” it deserves, because despite how cold and dead it looks outside you carry life on the inside, and that alone should be motivation for you to smile at the snow and take the opportunity that is now before you to experience something new.


So what are you doing still reading this?! Go on, adventure is waiting for you (:



Photography: Saria Dorsey

Foxes & Flowers






We take fun pretty seriously around here, especially when it comes to fun photo sessions with our models.


This week we introduce best friends Madi + Jessie, they’ve modeled for us for a little over a year. and not only are they gorgeous on the outside, but the beauty they radiate with on the inside is timeless.


Madi is wearing our new dress + sweater {in stock}. We put her in this to throw everyone off, because we usually have her in what we call “crazy pants”. Working with this beaut is a joy, she’s full of creativity and a pleasure to have around.

IMG_0073Jessie. She is wearing our fox sweater accessorized with the fox earrings of course. {in stock}

Jessie is a natural in front of your camera (especially when she’s with her best friend Madi) , and has a beautiful voice. We enjoy the soft touch she adds to every look she wears.

IMG_0035“Behind every clever girl is a guy with a beard + glasses” – Madi Wick

“I don’t need a bearded guy to be clever”. – Jessica Livingston





and great moments with friends.


“Pledging” to stay Warm & Cozy

IMG_0177Making time to sit back and have moments that bring warmth to the heart cozy during life’s hectic moments is key to not only getting by, but to enjoying what life has to offer us.

IMG_0199Halle + Sarah are two gorgeous gals that got to  share warm moments over coffee in the middle of a very hectic week as they were both participating in the craziness of pledge week.

IMG_0241It was beautiful to watch them share laughs and take in great moments with one another as they both had had exhausting days.



IMG_0279Recently, a common theme of ours has been the sparkling snow and shivering bones. As enchanting as the winter is, our feet are tired of slipping on ice and our noses are sick of being numb. That being said, we will never be ready to part from cozy knit sweaters, freshly brewed coffee, hand made blankets, and warm toes. The feeling of sitting in perfect company while watching the snow fall is one of our favorites. Although it seems as if life never stops running faster than you and time flies even faster, sometimes forcing everything to stop is essential. Stop thinking, stop stressing, stop working and just breathe. Quiet your mind with Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, calm your heart with soothing conversation, and warm your body with soft sweaters.

Recharge, restart and continue to inspire.

Adventure’s Hues // Bye Bye Blues.

Many of us have experienced the need for adventure while also experiencing the need for cash. No matter the age, we all still like to have fun. Here are some helpful tips on things you can do that are low cost, while still adventurous and fun.

IMG_0314First things first. We all have those little nooks around us that we seem to overlook. Visit your local antique shop. thrift store, or coffee house with that friend you’ve been meaning to hang out with. You’d be surprised how much fun you two will have finding little treasures or finding that old top you gave away.




Carpool to the city. When you split gas costs you’d be surprised how much you save! Get dressed up, blast your favorite jams, and get on the interstate for a night on the town. You won’t regret it!

IMG_0346Lastly, we suggest finding an underground musician you’ve never heard, you will usually find that local musicians want more than your money, but your company as well. You’d be surprised how many $5 cover charges are out there with AMAZING music to accompany them.

We all desire moments that make our hearts beat, our eyes water, and bring the chills to our skin. We all want to LIVE.

Don’t let the lack of  the green, give you the blues. Embrace Adventure’s hues and do what you’ve always dreamed of doing.