Be Mine DIY!

Needing to make that last minute valentine, for that special someone? We found the perfect Valentine DIY that is not only extremely adorable, but extremely easy to make! For those of you who haven’t met this beaut, meet Justine! She’s assisted us in various DIY projects and is one talented soul. First things first, You will need the following: *scissors *tape (or hot glue) *black cardstock *patterned cardstock *a hole punch (we used an earring) *some sort of twine *paint, or a glitter pen *mini clothes pins (optional) Now grab your coffee or tea and lets get to crafting! Start off by taking a square piece of card-stock and folding it in half. We used black card-stock because we wanted the color of  the hearts to pop against the black! IMG_0059 Here’s where you can be creative! Pick out some cool patterned card-stock of your choice. Justine laid them out to help her visualize what it would look like once they were against the black. IMG_0067IMG_0071 Next, you will need to cut out the hearts. NO TEMPLATES NECESSARY (: Simply fold your paper in half and cut a semi circle into the fold. IMG_0092 Check out her cute tunic + scarf. Both are new arrivals in the boutique (; IMG_0075 IMG_0078 Here in this next step we had to improvise (tehe), but you could use a thumbtack or hole punch of some sort, instead we used an earring  (haha… you’ve got to make the best of what you have)! Take whatever you’re using and poke a little hole into both top corners of the hearts. IMG_0107 Once you’ve done that, take your twine and spread it across the card to measure it. IMG_0099 IMG_0105 Now here you may need a thumb tack or needle to give you more control. Take the twine and poke it through each heart like so. IMG_0098 Take the ends of the twine and tape or hot glue them to the inside of your card & let love do the rest as you write your message with your paint or glitter pen inside the card!IMG_0127 IMG_0136

Now add your personal touch! For us it was mini clothes pins to hang the hearts with, for you it could be glitter, sequins, or cute little doodles. and DRUM ROLL PLEASE….

TA DA!!!

IMG_0139IMG_0144 You now have your valentine for that special someone!


 Photography: Saria Dorsey

“Pledging” to stay Warm & Cozy

IMG_0177Making time to sit back and have moments that bring warmth to the heart cozy during life’s hectic moments is key to not only getting by, but to enjoying what life has to offer us.

IMG_0199Halle + Sarah are two gorgeous gals that got to  share warm moments over coffee in the middle of a very hectic week as they were both participating in the craziness of pledge week.

IMG_0241It was beautiful to watch them share laughs and take in great moments with one another as they both had had exhausting days.



IMG_0279Recently, a common theme of ours has been the sparkling snow and shivering bones. As enchanting as the winter is, our feet are tired of slipping on ice and our noses are sick of being numb. That being said, we will never be ready to part from cozy knit sweaters, freshly brewed coffee, hand made blankets, and warm toes. The feeling of sitting in perfect company while watching the snow fall is one of our favorites. Although it seems as if life never stops running faster than you and time flies even faster, sometimes forcing everything to stop is essential. Stop thinking, stop stressing, stop working and just breathe. Quiet your mind with Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, calm your heart with soothing conversation, and warm your body with soft sweaters.

Recharge, restart and continue to inspire.