Inhale, Exhale


“ Do things that feed your soul, not your ego and you will be happy.”












Favorite Pose // Why?:
Because I am a runner any pose that helps stretch and open my legs, as well as aid in my flexibility and focus is super beneficial. Some specific ones are….
– Downward Dog Split
– Pigeon Pose
– Warrior Variations (I, II, III) –These poses are great for a deep strength in my legs

Poses that help with focus and concentration:
 – Tree Pose
– Easy Pose
– Eagle Pose

I am also a fan of inversions which help reverse blood flow // improve circulation in the body, and increase immunity // prevent illness, not mention that awesome feeling you get once you find yourself hanging upside down, seeing life in a different perspective.
– Plow
– Crow Pose
– Shoulder Stand
– Forearm Stand (working on perfecting this one)

It’s hard to pick just one!

Favorite Part About Yoga?:

Yoga has always provided an escape for me. Whether it was a way to stay active while not worrying about the rivalry a competitive sport may bring or a way I can slip away from my busy routine, sit quietly on my mat and focus on what truly matters. God has blessed me with a wonderful life and admits the chaos I sometimes forget that.

When Did You Start Yoga?:

I got into yoga when I was a sophomore in high school. As I mentioned earlier, I am a runner and at the time was a three sport athlete. Yoga was a way I could incorporate being active in a new light. Without the competition, hard pounding of running, or other demands team sports brought. I have loved growing in the practice ever since.

How Has it Helped You?:

Yoga has helped me in many areas, especially physically and mentally. The beauty of yoga is that you can incorporate it into so many aspects of life. For me physically, I have found it to strengthen my knees through the alignment work in the poses I do, as well as helped me develop a deep and calming breath which I rely on in stressful times and when I run. Mentally, I notice myself focusing on my own life. Not worrying about the person on the mat next to me, how they are doing in their practice or what their opinions are. Instead, I focus on how I can better myself. Although I am still working on it, mediation is great time to quiet my heart and reflect on the days blessings. I personally use this time to thank God for His mercies and continual love.

– If you are not the most motivated person when it comes to exercise, grab a friend to join in on the work out with you. It helps with accountability and can make the workout more enjoyable.

Set a designated time for when you plan on exercising. If you put in down on paper, you are more likely to do it.

Try new activities! There is so many different ways to be active. Yoga isn’t for everybody, running isn’t for everybody, lifting isn’t for everybody, but in order to find what works for you, you must be willing to try out different exercises. See if your local gym offers any special classes such as Pilates, Zumba, or Spinning. Call up a group of friends to play some pick-up games like basketball, soccer, or football, look to join in on 5k’s or marathon, hike a mountain, swim a river. If you’re willing, the options are endless.

Kara Heckman//Grove City College Student

Giving Winter the Cold Shoulder

Living in Western PA has its ups and downs. After a week or so of snowfall, ice, and feeling lucky if it’s above 30 degrees, you start to grow weary of nights indoors. Don’t get us wrong, we love our hot cups of coffee, but know that we feel your pain when you want to break out the shorts, crops, and sandals.


IMG_9915Whats our advice for braving  the winter?

IMG_9905Show winter who’s boss. Wander, explore, and adventure, even when you don’t have the energy to.BE CREATIVE. We often times sell ourselves short after getting so used to the day to day that we miss the little things or forget that we are capable of so much more  than what we give ourselves credit for. Try going out into that open field you drive by every day and admire the beauty you miss out on. Pack up the car and visit an old friend, or how about that instrument you forgot you loved playing so much.

IMG_9898Give winter the “cold shoulder” it deserves, because despite how cold and dead it looks outside you carry life on the inside, and that alone should be motivation for you to smile at the snow and take the opportunity that is now before you to experience something new.


So what are you doing still reading this?! Go on, adventure is waiting for you (:



Photography: Saria Dorsey

Foxes & Flowers






We take fun pretty seriously around here, especially when it comes to fun photo sessions with our models.


This week we introduce best friends Madi + Jessie, they’ve modeled for us for a little over a year. and not only are they gorgeous on the outside, but the beauty they radiate with on the inside is timeless.


Madi is wearing our new dress + sweater {in stock}. We put her in this to throw everyone off, because we usually have her in what we call “crazy pants”. Working with this beaut is a joy, she’s full of creativity and a pleasure to have around.

IMG_0073Jessie. She is wearing our fox sweater accessorized with the fox earrings of course. {in stock}

Jessie is a natural in front of your camera (especially when she’s with her best friend Madi) , and has a beautiful voice. We enjoy the soft touch she adds to every look she wears.

IMG_0035“Behind every clever girl is a guy with a beard + glasses” – Madi Wick

“I don’t need a bearded guy to be clever”. – Jessica Livingston





and great moments with friends.


The Urbanist





Because our home is small-town Grove City, day trips into the city are absolutely essential. These urban adventures remind us how in love we are with the city life– fast cars, industrial-chic buildings, warm coffee shops. As we walked the streets, we peeked into small boutiques and local restaurants. The warm colors and raw textures were so beautiful in the afternoon sunlight and the smell of delicious food and coffee filled our curious noses. We left the glorious sky scrapers feeling inspired and refreshed.

It is important to leave your comfort zone and explore new places. Feel overwhelmed with beauty and inspired by creativity. Don’t be afraid to get lost–wander and wander until your legs are sore. Who knows? Maybe you will find a new study spot or a place to meet with your friends.

“There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this”


Dusk Darling








Oh, sunshine, how we love you so! The tiny time gap right after the afternoon and before the evening is the most beautiful part of the time (in our opinion). We absolutely love capturing the natural light, the grey shadows, the neutral colors, and not to mention this beautiful girl! As we kissed the day goodbye, we eagerly awaited a new day, looking forward to new adventures.