Alleyways and Ice Cream Days

Thank God it’s Friday! Sometimes living in a small town can make us feel like there’s absolutely nothing to do, but we are finding that that is when you go out and enjoy the more of what we see and experience everyday. IMG_6418 Grove City alleyways are some of the most beautiful alleys you can experience. You’ll find them all along broad street behind the local businesses downtown. They can lead you to a main road or a fun business, which is where we are headed today.


IMG_6448 We are going crazy over this new fringe vest that just arrived this week, it pairs great with a white v-neck and denim bottoms or even a pair of shorts and one of our local tees! Shop this look: Vest: $49 & White V-neck: $30 and Necklac: $21 IN STORE NOW!


When this new vest arrived we were inspired to explore, have fun and take in the joys of the beautiful weather. To our surprise what we thought would be a sunny day turned out to a be a rainy one, and we then were given a choice. To be bummed by the rain, or… continue on with our adventure. IMG_6595 IMG_6598

We chose the latter and decided to go to Sweet Jeanie’s, “The happiest place in town”!

IMG_6599 IMG_6488 We were not disappointed and after much deliberation we decided that a scoop of Zebra Stripes in our favorite waffle cone would brighten up the cloudy day we were having.

IMG_6489 Without much time, it did just that.

IMG_6480 IMG_6505

Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.

-Hellen Keller

IMG_6580            Stay positive. Find the joy in the little things & make your weekend a fabulous one, we sure plan to 😉

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