Water to my soul


Oh my goodness guys, after battling whether to write this post in first or third person (because I write a lot of the posts) I finally decided to be vulnerable and write to you guys directly.

Okay, first thing’s first. My name is Saria Dorsey, and I am the Creative Director with JMK.
I have been blessed with the opportunity of planning the fashion shows, social media, and taking fun pictures of the gorgeous models.

(understatement of the century)


Now here’s where things get a little awkward for me, but uhmm… I have something to tell you guys… I may have kept a secret from you all, but uh..
(takes a deep breath)

Sometimes I pretend I am Beyonce’ or Katy Perry when I am cleaning my kitchen… in heels.
I honestly just love the emotion behind music and the energy from an audience. Sometimes I want to plan a concert, and then my insecurities get the best of me, I get nervous, and keep on with the routines of life.


With the help and support of friends, I am making baby steps towards pursuing my music.
I believe that talents are meant to be shared with people, whether you’re the best singer in the world making millions, or just prefer it as a hobby,
Talents are gifts, and gifts… well they are gifts, and they have one purpose.


So for all those who’d like a good song to sing in the shower
check out this single I am on
w/ MR. HANZO titled // Water to my Soul
I had the opportunity to collaborate with Alexander Catedral + David Wade, two of my talented friends that worked hard to release this album and it is AMAZING.
Check it out.(:


I’d love to know your thoughts.
Did it make you dance? Do you feel like you should go downtown, have some fun, like the night is all your own… ← that will make more sense once you listen (:

IMG_0230PS. This Chambray top Is one of our spring arrivals.
Isn’t it adorable?!

Listen to it in the spotify player above, and if you really like it you can buy it on iTunes by clicking on the link below:
Water to my soul


I truly appreciate everyone’s support.

Be  sure to come out  to Sweet Jeanie’s this Saturday for “Wake Your Neighbors”
I will be performing with MR. HANZO along with many other talented musicians, like JMK Model Hannah List!
Support local music, it’s worth it.



I hope to see you there, I’d love the support!!!

With love, smiles, and silliness,
Your Creative Director,
Saria Dorsey ♥

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