M & B

M is for Mackenzie 
Meet Mackenzie: A Bostonian bred princess who made Grove City her new home for the past 3 years. Her passion for teaching and children has led her to pursue an Elementary and Special Education degree which has given her the opportunity to invest herself in the surrounding schools. Outside of the classroom, M is effortlessly darling–classic chic with a touch of prep.


M1Mackenzie looks absolutely stunning in JMK’s classic blue chambray button up paired with our edgy leather leggings. The classic prep necklace adds a touch of elegance to the outfit–perfect for a more sophisticated look.




B is for Brianna

B6Meet Brianna: Her hair may not be full of secrets, but her mind is filled with wit, creativity and a whole lot of spunk. A closet book worm and lover of words, B is heavily involved in collegiate writing. Although she loves a good read, her adventurous spirit takes her on wild adventurers in the great outdoors.



B3With her luscious, dark chocolate locks, Brianna is looking effortless in her JMK fringe sweater and printed leggings. Her glistening headbands adds the perfect amount of Boho to her look.


B5M & B





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