Craft Local

As a boutique located within  a small town we are all about, “Shopping small, and dreaming big”. Supporting local artists and businesses is what we are all about and we were overjoyed to spend time with the talented Jade Welsh as she shared the joys of crocheting with us.

Here is a small glimpse into our lovely Tuesday morning with Miss Welsh at our local coffee shop Beans on Broad.



For some of us, the thought of creating a scarf seems extremely stressful and time consuming, but for others, it is completely relaxing and mindless. For Jade, she feels the latter.

As we began to photograph this beauty, her darling face quickly changed from all smiles to intensity. Her fingers began rigorously working, as if they detached from her body. In between crocheting rows and sipping her coffee, Jade explained to us how she creates for the purpose of relaxing. Even if she has no reason to make a scarf, she will create one to keep her hands busy.


Make time
to do what you love.

Create daily, Dream often.

 Want to shop Jade’s look?
Top: {White V-Neck} – $21.00
Bottoms: {Floral Denim Pants} – $39.00
Bag: {Brown Leather Backpack} – $56.00







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