“Pledging” to stay Warm & Cozy

IMG_0177Making time to sit back and have moments that bring warmth to the heart cozy during life’s hectic moments is key to not only getting by, but to enjoying what life has to offer us.

IMG_0199Halle + Sarah are two gorgeous gals that got to  share warm moments over coffee in the middle of a very hectic week as they were both participating in the craziness of pledge week.

IMG_0241It was beautiful to watch them share laughs and take in great moments with one another as they both had had exhausting days.



IMG_0279Recently, a common theme of ours has been the sparkling snow and shivering bones. As enchanting as the winter is, our feet are tired of slipping on ice and our noses are sick of being numb. That being said, we will never be ready to part from cozy knit sweaters, freshly brewed coffee, hand made blankets, and warm toes. The feeling of sitting in perfect company while watching the snow fall is one of our favorites. Although it seems as if life never stops running faster than you and time flies even faster, sometimes forcing everything to stop is essential. Stop thinking, stop stressing, stop working and just breathe. Quiet your mind with Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald, calm your heart with soothing conversation, and warm your body with soft sweaters.

Recharge, restart and continue to inspire.

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