Adventure’s Hues // Bye Bye Blues.

Many of us have experienced the need for adventure while also experiencing the need for cash. No matter the age, we all still like to have fun. Here are some helpful tips on things you can do that are low cost, while still adventurous and fun.

IMG_0314First things first. We all have those little nooks around us that we seem to overlook. Visit your local antique shop. thrift store, or coffee house with that friend you’ve been meaning to hang out with. You’d be surprised how much fun you two will have finding little treasures or finding that old top you gave away.




Carpool to the city. When you split gas costs you’d be surprised how much you save! Get dressed up, blast your favorite jams, and get on the interstate for a night on the town. You won’t regret it!

IMG_0346Lastly, we suggest finding an underground musician you’ve never heard, you will usually find that local musicians want more than your money, but your company as well. You’d be surprised how many $5 cover charges are out there with AMAZING music to accompany them.

We all desire moments that make our hearts beat, our eyes water, and bring the chills to our skin. We all want to LIVE.

Don’t let the lack of  the green, give you the blues. Embrace Adventure’s hues and do what you’ve always dreamed of doing.

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