Dusk Darling








Oh, sunshine, how we love you so! The tiny time gap right after the afternoon and before the evening is the most beautiful part of the time (in our opinion). We absolutely love capturing the natural light, the grey shadows, the neutral colors, and not to mention this beautiful girl! As we kissed the day goodbye, we eagerly awaited a new day, looking forward to new adventures.

JMK Holiday Giveaway

The holidays are here and with them comes lots of gifts and surprises. That being said, we wanted to do something special for YOU this season!
With every $50 you spend with JMK, your name will be entered into a contest to win an IPAD!

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What love has brought.

Valentines day is a day of love, & love can produce a many things.

  Like… good memories.

IMG_0333 Silly Moments.IMG_0258Romance. IMG_0289 IMG_0292 And friendships that will last you your whole life.IMG_0297

But today we are here to celebrate that love has brought JMK BABY NUMBER TWO to Jon & Mary Kaup!

IMG_0261IMG_0262IMG_0263IMG_0250We are so excited to meet this new addition, and are happy to share this moment with all of you!

IMG_0301 IMG_0316 IMG_0298Happy Valentine’s Day from us here at JMK. Spread the love!

{Talking Tok} “Ties that Tell a Tale”

Let’s talk TOK. With love in the air, the ladies getting their roses and fancy meals, it can be easy to forget the fellas, or we just find ourselves stumped on what to get them.

Some of you may have heard of the TOK Project, if you haven’t here’s your chance to hear a snippet of their story.

The TOK Project was started by this fine looking man we know as Micah List. Micah started the TOK Project after traveling and having his eyes opened to the issue of commercial sex and human trafficking. He decided that something must be done & hence decided to start the TOK Project after discovering his love for men’s fashion and the art of tie making. 
25% of their net profits are donated to help transitional facilities for exploited and trafficked women around the globe.


Let’s get to TOK’in’. (we couldn’t resist)

IMG_9880alex collageIMG_9961






visit his website, or stop by the art works building to pick yours up!


Visit their website:

Photography: Saria Dorsey

Be Mine DIY!

Needing to make that last minute valentine, for that special someone? We found the perfect Valentine DIY that is not only extremely adorable, but extremely easy to make! For those of you who haven’t met this beaut, meet Justine! She’s assisted us in various DIY projects and is one talented soul. First things first, You will need the following: *scissors *tape (or hot glue) *black cardstock *patterned cardstock *a hole punch (we used an earring) *some sort of twine *paint, or a glitter pen *mini clothes pins (optional) Now grab your coffee or tea and lets get to crafting! Start off by taking a square piece of card-stock and folding it in half. We used black card-stock because we wanted the color of  the hearts to pop against the black! IMG_0059 Here’s where you can be creative! Pick out some cool patterned card-stock of your choice. Justine laid them out to help her visualize what it would look like once they were against the black. IMG_0067IMG_0071 Next, you will need to cut out the hearts. NO TEMPLATES NECESSARY (: Simply fold your paper in half and cut a semi circle into the fold. IMG_0092 Check out her cute tunic + scarf. Both are new arrivals in the boutique (; IMG_0075 IMG_0078 Here in this next step we had to improvise (tehe), but you could use a thumbtack or hole punch of some sort, instead we used an earring  (haha… you’ve got to make the best of what you have)! Take whatever you’re using and poke a little hole into both top corners of the hearts. IMG_0107 Once you’ve done that, take your twine and spread it across the card to measure it. IMG_0099 IMG_0105 Now here you may need a thumb tack or needle to give you more control. Take the twine and poke it through each heart like so. IMG_0098 Take the ends of the twine and tape or hot glue them to the inside of your card & let love do the rest as you write your message with your paint or glitter pen inside the card!IMG_0127 IMG_0136

Now add your personal touch! For us it was mini clothes pins to hang the hearts with, for you it could be glitter, sequins, or cute little doodles. and DRUM ROLL PLEASE….

TA DA!!!

IMG_0139IMG_0144 You now have your valentine for that special someone!


 Photography: Saria Dorsey

Don’t Stop, Get it, Get it


Meet our accessory model. Anna Timko.  Anna is an amazing gymnast and dancer, not forgetting to mention an extremely creative girl with talent that is out of this world.



IMG_9610-2We learned the importance of not giving up with this shoot as we watched Anna try and try again to hit her poses.


Anna has shopped JMK’s accessories and is looking forward to being able to rock the apparel. Until then she will continue to surprise us with her ability to accessorize creatively. 😉

IMG_9614“She may be small, but she is fierce” – William Shakespeare

Mix JMK//01





IMG_9488Check out what we are listening to…

1. Preach//The Front Bottoms
2. Apartment//Modern Baseball
3. Iscariot//Walk the Moon
4. Knee Socks//Arctic Monkey
5. Da Vinci//Weezer
6. Water Fountain//tUnE yArDs
7. Pretty in Pink//The Psychedelic
8. Coffee//Sylvan Esso
9. Nobody Love//Tori Kelly
10. Lemonade//Jeremy Passion
11. Reach//Kye Kye
12. Tokyo//The Wombats

Craft Local

As a boutique located within  a small town we are all about, “Shopping small, and dreaming big”. Supporting local artists and businesses is what we are all about and we were overjoyed to spend time with the talented Jade Welsh as she shared the joys of crocheting with us.

Here is a small glimpse into our lovely Tuesday morning with Miss Welsh at our local coffee shop Beans on Broad.



For some of us, the thought of creating a scarf seems extremely stressful and time consuming, but for others, it is completely relaxing and mindless. For Jade, she feels the latter.

As we began to photograph this beauty, her darling face quickly changed from all smiles to intensity. Her fingers began rigorously working, as if they detached from her body. In between crocheting rows and sipping her coffee, Jade explained to us how she creates for the purpose of relaxing. Even if she has no reason to make a scarf, she will create one to keep her hands busy.


Make time
to do what you love.

Create daily, Dream often.

 Want to shop Jade’s look?
Top: {White V-Neck} – $21.00
Bottoms: {Floral Denim Pants} – $39.00
Bag: {Brown Leather Backpack} – $56.00